Who am I?

21 ans
Passionate about:

  • English & its culture
  • Teaching
  • Translation

A teacher

Passionate about teaching, I decided to make it my job! I'm currently candidating for the English CAPES (the national French exam for English teachers). Enrolled in a master's degree in education since August 2016, I've been both preparing for the national exam and perfecting my teaching methods.

Experience in the field:


As part of my master's degree in education, I did an internship in high school. I taught English to 2nde (10th grade) and 1ère (11th grade) students.

As part of my master's degree in education, I did an internship in middle school. I taught English to 6ème (6th grade) and 3ème (9th grade) students.

I've always liked teaching French as a foreign language. During my stay in the United States, I had the opportunity to offer tutoring in French in which I taught both language and culture. The audience was composed of university students aged from 18 to more than 50 years old!

I worked as an English speaker for the city administration of Saint-Denis (Réunion, France). I conducted many classes in which I introduced children from 5 to 8 years old to English during lunch breaks.

A translator

Translation is also part of my panel of interests and skills. I learnt translation methods during my bachelor's degree in English but also by working with a great number of companies worldwide.

  • Translation
  • Reviewing
  • Subtitling
Experience in the field:

AmaraLinguist for the Amara on Demand platform (Subtitling, translation and reviewing)

BraveEnglish to French translator and reviewer for Brave Software.

Google Translate CommunityTranslator and reviewer for the Google Translate Community.

+ 391 sentences translated
+ 405 sentences reviewed

LeonardoEnglish to French translator for Leonardo

MagussEnglish to French translator for game development studio Maguss.

SafeStamperEnglish to French translator and linguistic advisor for SafeStamper.


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Other passions

  • Photography
  • Life saving
  • Technology